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Final Fanservice

Aug 16, 2021

*This show contains spoilers!* The Start of the Game to Arriving in Spira

Hosts Vince (Hikikomori) and Jessy (Naruto Reviewto) are long-time FF stans and are excited to share with you their thoughts on the story, art, music, themes and gameplay on this behemoth of a series.

Season 2 is breaking down the epic 2001 RPG Final Fantasy X. This episode we start the game and witness Zanarkand's destruction!

Let us know what you think of the game on Twitter! @finalfanservice

The opening music is a remix of Nobuo Uematsu's song Prelude, arranged by me, Vince Kenny.

The ending music is Nobuo Uematsu's song Spira Unplugged, arranged and performed by me, Vince Kenny.