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Final Fanservice

Jun 23, 2020

*This show contains spoilers!*

New Game to Tifa's Bar

Hosts Vince (Transformation Sequence) and Jessy (Naruto Reviewto) are long-time FF stans and are excited to share with you their thoughts on the story, art, music, themes and gameplay on this behemoth of a series.

Season 1 is breaking down the epic 1997 RPG Final Fantasy VII. Let us know what you think of the game on Twitter! @finalfanservice

Looking for other ways to interact with us? Vince will be playing the chunks of the Final Fantasy game currently being reviewed on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons at 5pm EST (10pm GMT). Check it out!

The ending music is Cry of the Planet by Mega Ran & Lost Perception, and is used with permission. Check out more of Ran's amazing tracks at